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Young Children’s Questionnaire

Q1.  Which one sounds like most like you?

Q2. When you are colouring in or drawing, is it important for you to stay inside the lines?

Q3. Do you sometimes agree to do things for people when you really want to say no?

Q4. Which way is best?

Q5. Which sounds like the most fun to you?

Q6. What sort of stories do you like the best?

Q7. Is it better to have a teacher...

Q8. If some of your friends ask you to go with them, which do you tend to do?

Q9. When asked to give a talk in a front of the class, do you find it...

Q10. Which one sounds the most like you?

Q11. Which one sounds more exciting?

Q12. Do you like to keep things neat and well-organised?

Q13. Is it easy or difficult to talk with people who you have never met before?

Q14. When you have to do something new, do you like to be shown first or invent your own way?

Q15. Do you prefer to be in charge of a team or be a member of a team?

Q16. Do you like games that have rules or games where you make up the rules as you play?

Q17. Do you prefer to spend most of your free time with other people or by yourself?

Q18. When starting a new task, do you like to know exactly what is expected of you?

Q19. Do you usually say what you think or are you careful what you say in case you hurt other people's feelings?

Q20. Do you usually think about what you are going to do first or do you just do it?