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Teaching with Trust

How to create trust with your students, the one single competency that changes everything with teaching effectiveness.

Duration: One day course. 9.00am – 5.00pm

What is lack of trust costing your effectiveness as a teacher or lecturer? Your students won’t want to know what you know until they know they can trust you. Trust is more than just liking you as a person. Trust is when they know that you are there for them with integrity and intent. It is also when they believe you have the high level pedagogical skills to help them achieve outstanding results.

Trust requires them to believe in your competence as well as your character.

Every consequence of low trust exerts a toll on your ability to succeed as a teacher /lecturer.

Conversely, when trust is high, student groups reach high performance. High performance groups where the teacher/lecturer is a coach regardless of the age of the students.

  • How to gain instant rapport
  • How to relate to a student’s perception of reality
  • How to define trust
  • How to apply a set of specific leadership behaviours to establish trust
  • How to restore trust when it is lost
  • How to establish team goals
  • How to apply a coaching conversation
  • How to have the ‘hard’ conversation and still maintain rapport