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Teaching with Personality

How to connect with each and every student through his or her unique personality type. This seminar is specifically for teachers and lecturers.

Duration: One day course. 9.00am – 5.00pm

Have you ever wondered why you can relate easily to some students and not to others? Do you know why some students seem to love your classroom while others are sometimes bored and disconnected? Do you want the satisfaction of every student being fully engaged?

We share a lot of very specific personality characteristics or preferences with some students and so we find it easy to relate to them. Other students quite literally have a very different view of the world to us. This seminar will explain some of these personality differences and will give you an insight into why and how other people are different to you and help you to understand and work with those differences.

Specifically it will show you how to construct learning experiences that embrace and engage the complete range of preferred learning styles.

  • Your temperament style as one of four broad temperaments
  • The characteristics of the three other broad temperaments
  • Your detailed personality type according to the 16 types of the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator*
The specific characteristics of the fifteen other personality types in your workplace
  • How to apply this knowledge in your personal relationships
  • How to mange stress for your personality type
  • The preferred learning styles of each of the temperaments
  • How to prepare and deliver engaging and enjoyable learning experiences each and every time.
  • *Find out your Personality Type