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Personality type: Wombat


Of all the temperaments, this is the one that can be most relied upon. Determined and focused, they love to be of service and are steadfast and diligent in the completion of goals, no matter how big or small. Wombats will always put work before play.

From an early age this type is grounded and good with details. Uncomfortable with change, they are routine-orientated and prefer knowing not only what is expected of them, but also what to expect from others. They desire clarity and consistency and will maintain the status quo where possible. “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it” is their catchphrase.

At school, the Wombat is the one most likely to sit quietly in class, doing what the teacher asks, handing in work on time and setting a good example for the others. They are good team players. In business, they are drawn to roles requiring attention to detail, accuracy and organisation. As leaders, others derive comfort from the sense of security and strength they exude.

Personality Type Reports

The reports have been designed to assist in understanding the results of the Personality Type Questionnaire and indicates which aspects of your personality you prefer to use. An understanding of your preferences gives you enough of an insight to make better decisions regarding your future, life-style, career or any other changes you maybe looking to make.