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Personality type: Kangaroo


Of all the temperaments, this is the one most driven to live life large. Carefree and fun loving, they have to enjoy what they are doing or will soon struggle to comply (even if it’s essential school work or the job that pays the bills). Cool in a crisis and creative problem solvers, these people are champions at finding ways to liven up any situation. Their natural inclination is to play before work.

This type is active and happiest when a number of their senses are engaged. Uncomfortable with routine and resistant to boredom, they mix things up just for the fun of it and can be relied upon to do the unexpected. Non-judgemental and preferring to be guided by their own desires, they are happiest left to their own devices, using a hands-on approach to perfect their skills in their chosen field. They love a challenge and will try almost anything once. “You only get one chance at life, don’t waste it” is their catchphrase.

At school, the Kangaroo is the one most likely to be berated for their behaviour, doing anything to relieve the boredom of a humdrum situation. They will work hard for teachers they respect, but struggle with those who enforce rules they don’t understand. As adults, these people prefer occupations which allow creativity, diversity and challenge.

They are drawn to roles requiring precision, innovation and crisis management. Reluctant leaders, they prefer to let everyone do their own thing. When forced, however, they are often very tolerant, taking others at face value.

Personality Type Reports

The reports have been designed to assist in understanding the results of the Personality Type Questionnaire and indicates which aspects of your personality you prefer to use. An understanding of your preferences gives you enough of an insight to make better decisions regarding your future, life-style, career or any other changes you maybe looking to make.