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Performance Coaching and Beyond: Introducing Meta Coaching

The workshop is both theoretical and experiential.
Participants should expect to engage in coaching practice and to give and receive developmental feedback.
This workshop is for participants who are prepared to “play full on.

Are you?

  • a designated leader/manager in an education setting
  • responsible for the performance of others as a team leader
  • wanting to take your motivation of others to the next level
  • interested in dramatically improving your performance management and coaching skills

This workshop is for beginning and experienced leaders

Duration: One day course. 9.00am – 5.00pm

All coaching is concerned with accountability and performance. Good coaching includes developmental coaching where the client grows their skills through the achieving of their goals. Great coaching is transformational where it is about the goals and the skills but also much more than that.

Transformational Coaching coaches to the higher frames of the mind. In this way it is “meta” or above the content.

Sports coaches do not have to be an expert in the sport themselves to know how to get the best out of the player.  In the same way a meta-coach is an expert in structure and process rather than in content.

Meta coaching is certainly about performance, it is also certainly about development and more than both of these it is about facilitating the client to create new realities of how to transform their model of the world and actualise their highest and best.

Much has been written about what transformational leadership is. Meta Coaching provides the how.

  • A structure for a coaching session
  •  How to “clear the space” for a coaching conversation
  • The NLP Model of communication: How to manage our mind/body/emotion system
  • Perceptual Positioning: How to communicate from the full range of perspectives
  • How to harness our personal power and responsibility
  • How to write crystal clear goals
  • The Axes of Change model: How to create change with a client
  • The power of the 7 essential coaching skills