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Masterful Communication for Leaders

How to gracefully apply models of communication and leadership

Duration: Two day course. 9.00am – 5.00pm

Indulge yourself for a moment. Imagine that communication is really quite a simple process.  Are if only? What a delightful and enticing fantasy. If only it were that simple. We know of course that communication is complex and demanding and masterful communication is rare.

Whatever their role, the masterful communicators at work, those whose conversations work more often than not, are the influential leaders and colleagues. The conversations at work that work are the ones where response matches the intent of the sender of the communication.

  • Clear the physical and emotional space for a conversation and clarify your intent and outcome.
  • Use a knowledge of the 3 perceptual positions as a basic platform for communication
  • Refine your communication skills though an understanding and application of the NLP Model of Communication.
  • Apply The Johari Window model of communication to achieve excellence
  • Work with The Ladder of Inference to take your communication skills to the highest level
  • Integrate all of these models and develop your own personal communication style