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Leading With Trust

How to create trust the one single leadership capability that changes everything with school performance.

Duration: One day course. 9.00am – 5.00pm

In his best-selling book, The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey describes “the high cost of low trust in terms of taxes. When trust is low in an   organization processes bog down, communication becomes guarded, and decisions are put on hold while facts are checked and re-checked, and attention becomes focused on hidden agendas rather than on key objectives. Every consequence of low trust exerts a toll on your organisation’s   ability to succeed. Opportunities go by the wayside as clarity becomes clouded, results become diluted and unpredictable, and those results that are achieved come slowly — at a high cost.

Conversely, when trust is high, a team becomes a high performance team. A teams that is fast, efficient, cohesive and effective.

  • Gain instant rapport in conversations
  • Relate to another person’s perception of reality
  • Define trust
  • Apply a set of specific leadership behaviours to establish trust
  • Restore trust when it is lost
  • Establish team goals
  • Apply a coaching conversation
  • Have the  ’hard’ conversation and still maintain rapport