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Leader Services

In this Journal, in Family Newsletters, in visits to branches and in formal and informal conversations, I hope that I have been consistent in sending very clear messages about what the evolving role of the Leader Services Officer (LSO) is and how you as an individual, or as a branch, may access my services.

The messages are:

The core role of the LSO is to be available to provide collegial support to members.

Simply leave a message on my mobile 0422 278 281 or email and I will get back to you as my highest priority.

We are fortunate within Education Queensland to have access to a wide variety of avenues of support for the times when our resilience is being tested in some way either personally or professionally. The LSO role provides members with an additional option for those times when you want that conversation to be quite separate to or to supplement those avenues.

As your Leader Services Officer, I will be humbled and delighted when you make contact to have a confidential, caring and collegial conversation. This is a completely free service to all members and is part of the benefit package which your QASSP membership provides.

Branches may book my services to ‘support your success’ in whatever way you feel I may be of service. The service is free provided that:
  1. The activity is organised under the banner of QASSP.
  2. It involves a majority of members, or potential members, of QASSP.
  3. It is basically ‘cost recovery’ and not about generating significant income for the branch.

Subject to these conditions there are theoretically no limits or boundaries (apart from time and cost) to the type of service that may be negotiated.

The mantra ‘supporting your success’ is one which I have chosen deliberately and is meant to make it clear that I have no intention of telling individuals or branches what needs to be ‘fixed’ and what I need to do ‘to’ or ‘for’ you in order to ‘fix’ anything.

The role of the LSO is to support you and your branch to actualise your highest and best outcome.

Having said that, part of that service may initially include having an individual or group conversation to clarify a well formed outcome. Clarification of goals is the first step to Goal Mastery. If we don’t know where we are going, how will we know when we have arrived?

In theory the notion of requests for my services emerging completely out of the dreams of individuals and branches is fine. Practically this may not be the case.

A number of members have indicated that it would be helpful if I could provide some information on my work experience, qualifications and areas of interest in order to help branches decide to have a conversation to explore service possibilities.

In order to stimulate conversation about how I might be of service to your branch, information has been sent to every member by email and is also available on the QASSP website, about:

  • my career history;
  • my academic and other qualifications; and
  • examples of models of service delivery.

May I have your permission to conclude by issuing you as an individual, or as a branch, an invitation to consider the notion of personal responsibility?

To take your leadership, of self and others, to a higher level you need to take action. At some level we all know this. However to know … and not to do … is not really to know.

I urge you, as a member of QASSP, to ask the following three questions of yourself and your colleagues.

  1. What do you (individually and as a branch) want to celebrate at the end of this year?
  2. How will you (individually and as a branch) judge your success?
  3. What is the first step (individually and as a branch) that you need to take? Decide these things and if I can be of service I will be honoured and delighted to support your success.

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