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Leader Services Officer

So what’s this about a Leader Services Officer?
Just over thirty years ago I walked up the steps of a tiny one-teacher school in country Queensland, a little nervous, but terribly excited and proud to be a Principal for the first time. I joined QASSP almost immediately.

A while ago I walked out of a considerably larger Queensland school, as Principal for the last time, appreciative of just so much. A huge component of my appreciation for a rewarding career as a school leader is the gratefulness I feel to other QASSP members. The personal and professional support that was, and is, one of the pillars of our Association has been very much part of my strength and inspiration. The value of personal strength and inspiration for school leaders has arguably never been greater than it is at present.

To be appointed as the inaugural Leader Services Officer (LSO) finds me, just as I was thirty years ago, a little nervous, but terribly excited and proud.

The LSO position sits clearly within the ‘Welfare’ pillar of QASSP. Our personal ‘well-fare’ is the rock on which solid school leadership stands. When we are ‘faringwell’ we are at our graceful and effective best. When we have the ‘inner game’ right the ‘outer game’ of life, in all of the roles we play, seems to fall into place.

We all deserve to operate at our peak, not only in our role as a school leader, but also in the many roles we perform across the broad spectrum of our lives.

Leadership is ‘an inside game’ – it starts from within. Over more recent years, I have focused my personal and professional development in the field of ‘self actualisation’. How do we create, as often as we can, those peak experiences when the inner game and the outer game are aligned and we feel totally ’in the flow’?

As school leaders, and in life, we deserve more than just being able to ‘take the pressure’ or ‘bear up under duress’. Resilience is a stepping stone to self actualisation, it is not the destination.

Self actualisation is becoming, and being, all we are capable of becoming and being. It is awakening the potentials that lie within us to actualise excellence in the processes and products of life.

How would it be if we were able, more times than not, to operate with complete integrity, with clear intent and with all of the skillful and graceful competencies to achieve our highest and best outcome?

We all know, do we not, that there is no magic pill or quick fix to move beyond resilience (defined as pliability, buoyancy, flexibility, and elasticity) to fully self actualised states. While there is no easy path to this slippery concept of self actualisation there is, however, a smorgasbord of proactive coaching methodologies, which we can learn, apply to ourselves and offer to others.

QASSP President Hilary Backus and Management Committee have given a very clear directive that the core component of the Leader Services Officer’s role is to be available to provide individual support to members.

We are fortunate within Education Queensland to have access to a wide variety of avenues of support for the times when our resilience is being tested in some way either personally or professionally.

The LSO role provides QASSP members with an additional option for the times when you want that conversation to be quite separate to, or supplement, those avenues.

As your Leader Services Officer, I will be humbled and delighted when you make contact to have a confidential, caring and collegial conversation.

Simply leave a message on my mobile 0422 278 281 or email and I will get back to you fast. Professional individual support to you is the foundation of the role and my highest priority.

There is, as well as this responsive component, an invitation to branches to access my services, subject to availability, for a wide range of possibilities. To date a number of branches have booked me for informal branch visits or to facilitate half or full day workshops or longer leadership retreats. The topics and processes are always tailored to meet the outcome your branch desires. I look forward to having a conversation with your branch or with you as an individual soon.

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