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Coaching Genius

Duration: Three day course. 9.00am – 5.00pm

Prerequisites: Coaching Essentials or Communication Excellence

Learn the extraordinary NS Meta-States Coaching Model that is frequently described as ‘magical’. Experience the joy and excitement of unlocking the natural genius in yourself and others, and find the skills, confidence and drive to create your successful coaching business. This program can be taken as stand alone training or as module 2 of the Meta-Coach Training System™.

Coaching Genius gives new and experienced coaches the power to:

  • Use the 26 questions from the revolutionary Meta-States model for effortlessly navigating reflexivity and increasing emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Essential language skills for Developmental Coaching (coaching beliefs, values, and identity).
  • Enrich your and your client’s experience of life – find more passion and satisfaction in relationships, wealth, career, and health.
  • Eliminate attitudes and blockages that have limited you and your clients in the past – low self-esteem, lack of control, inability to act on your ideas.
Sharpen your focus so that you unleash your potentials and experience life at optimum level.
  • Become certified to use more than 200 cutting-edge coaching patterns.
Think like an entrepreneur, and blow out excuses for not achieving business success lack of confidence, financial insecurity, fear of failure, not knowing what to do.
  • Achieve extraordinary results by thinking and working systemically with the whole mind-body-emotion system.
  • Introduction for Coaching Genius
  • Introduction to Meta-Coach Training System
  • Developers and Trainers of the System Training Objectives
  • Meta-States and the Matrix of the mind

1) Meta-States: a model of reflexivity

  • States
  • Learning Basic Meta-Stating Pattern

2) Meta-Stating for Personal Powers

3) Meta-Stating Self

  • Self-Acceptance, Appreciation and Awe (Esteem)

4) Meta-Stating Beliefs

  • Meta-Yes-ing Belief Change Pattern

5) Meta-Stating Pleasure

  • Meta-Pleasuring De-Pleasuring Meta-Questions

1) Meta-Stating Emotions

  • Neuro-Semantics on Emotions

2) Meta-stating Concepts

  • Neuro-Semantics States

3) Dragon Slaying and Taming

  • Meta-stating toxic states

4) Meta-Stating Possibility

  • The Miracle Question

5) Mind-to-Muscle Pattern

  • Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap

Access the Genius States

1) Meta-Stating Intentionality

  • Taking an Intentional Stance

2) Meta-Stating an Engagement State

  • The structure of “flow”

3) Meta-Stating Excuses

  • The Excuse Blow-Out Pattern

4) Meta-Stating Congruence

  • Meta-Alignment

5) Meta-Stating Integrity

  • Spinning Icons