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Adults Questionnaire

Q1. Do you prefer the company of several people at once or the company of just a chosen few?

Q2. Would you prefer working with familiar concepts or with new ideas and different possibilities?

Q3. Would you prefer other people see you as a clever person or a caring person?

Q4. Do you ever make lists of things to do and then tick things off as you complete them?

Q5. Which of the following sets of words describes you the best?

Q6. Which interests you more, specifics and details or theories and concepts?

Q7. Is it more important to be respected or liked?

Q8. Are you quick to complete most tasks or do you have a tendency to put things off?

Q9. Does it take people a long time or a short time to get to know you?

Q10. Do you see yourself as practical and down to earth or as imaginative and insightful?

Q11. If you disagree with what someone has said, would you tell them and risk an argument or stay quiet?

Q12. Which of the following describes you the best?

Q13. Do you enjoy small talk or do you only talk when there is something to say?

Q14. Would you describe yourself as more careful and thorough or often in a hurry to finish?

Q15. Would you prefer to spend time working on complex tasks or helping other people?

Q16. Which of the following sounds the most like you?

Q17. Are you easy to talk to or more reserved?

Q18. Which of the following qualities would you consider as the more important one to have?

Q19. If you are having difficulty with a project, do you prefer people to help you or leave you alone?

Q20. Are you happier with a plan of what you want to do or no plan and just see how things work out?