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Adolescents Questionnaire

Q1. Do you enjoy having lots of friends, or just a few special friends?

Q2. Do you prefer to talk about facts or about possibilities?

Q3. Do you sometimes put other people's feelings before your own?

Q4. Do you like to make lists of things to do?

Q5. Do you ever speak before you think?

Q6. Do you prefer to know exactly how to do a project, or do your prefer to use your own imagination?

Q7. Is it more important for you to liked or respected by the other students in your class?

Q8. Do you like to make up your mind sooner or later?

Q9. Does it take people a long time or a short time to get to know you?

Q10. Do you see yourself as practical with good common sense or as insightful with good imagination?

Q11. If you disagree with what someone has said, would you usually argue with them or stay quiet?

Q12. Which one would you usually do first?

Q13. Do you enjoy lots of conversation or do you tent to talk only when there is something to say?

Q14. Would you describe yourself as more careful and thorough or are you often in a hurry to finish?

Q15. Would you prefer to spend your time solving problems or helping other people?

Q16. Are you better at finishing projects or are you better at starting new ones?

Q17. Do you find it easy to talk to people or are you more quiet and reserved?

Q18. Do you like to complete your projects at a constant and steady pace or do you work in bursts of energy?

Q19. If you are having difficulty with a project, do you prefer people to leave you alone or offer to help?

Q20. Are you happier with a plan of what you have to do or no plan and just make things up as you go along?