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Accessing Personal Genius

Duration: Three day course.  9.00am – 5.00pm

Pre-requisites: Communication Excellence or Coaching Essentials

Accessing Personal Genius will introduce you to the highly acclaimed Meta-States Model from Neuro-Semantics (NS). NS is a form of ‘positive psychology’ that is based on studying the structure of wellness as opposed to most psychology that studies illness. As such, this training will provide you with pre-requisite states of mind and emotion for personal mastery. These include:

  • The ability to focus all of one’s attention and energy
  • The ability to step in and out of that state at will
  • A sense of being in control of your mind, emotions and body
  • A strong sense of self acceptance and appreciation
  • The ego-strength to face challenges and even relish in them
  • Resilience to take life’s ups and downs and bounce back
  • The efficiency to take effective action on what you know
  • Are you ready to Unlock Your Potential and to move to a Higher Level of Excellence?

At the completion of the three-day course you will be able to manage your states and get yourself to do what you want to do. Learn how to direct your attentions so they will serve your highest intentions. Step into states of unconditional self esteem and eliminate internal conflicts and excuses.

Welcome to the Matrix of your Mind

1) Introducing Meta-States — Modeling Self-Reflexive Consciousness

  • Introduction to working with meta-cognitive abilities, recognizing and monitoring your self-reflexive awareness, stepping out of meta-muddles.
  • Meta-Stating Learning: Accessing the experience of accelerated learning.

2) Meta-Stating Awareness and Ownership of your powers for Personal Empowerment.

  • Your four basic powers of responding: mind-emotion, speech and behavior.
  • Awareness and ownership of these powers for a foundational sense of your abilities to take effect action in the world—the foundation of personal genius.
  • Creation of your personal Power Zone for developing proactivity.

3) Meta-Stating Self to create Self-Acceptance, Self-Appreciation and Self-Esteem

  • The Neuro-Semantic approach to self-esteeming: accessing acceptance, appreciation, and esteem and applying these to Self.
  • Resolving the toxic dragons of self-contempting, self-depreciating, etc.
C Distinguishing your value and esteem as a human being from your confidence in
  • what you do and achieve.

4) Meta-Stating Confirmation and Disconfirmation for belief change.

  • Belief Change by Meta-Yes-ing — how to turn a “thought” into a “belief.”
  • Believe moves you up a level as you confirm a thoughts and say “Yes” to it.
  • Dis-conforming says “No” to a thoughts to dis-validate and downgrade it to a mere thought again.
  • Limiting beliefs get in the way of excellence and diminish a person. By transforming beliefs you manage the higher levels of your mind which sends commands to your nervous system.

5) Meta-Stating Pleasure for higher levels of Motivation and Joy

  • Pleasure at the primary level of experience essentially involves stimulating the nervous system and all of the sense receptors.
  • Yet there are higher level pleasures, the meanings and values that you endow thingswith. Discoveryourstrategyforpleasuringsoyoucantakechargeofhow to add massive pleasure to your life.
  • As this details the structure of addictions we use De-Pleasuring to undo semantic damage that occurs when you over-load an event with too much meaning.

© 1995/ 2010 APG Training Manual -4- L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Clearing the Path for Mastery Frames

1) Meta-Stating Emotions for higher emotional intelligence

  • An “e-motion” is the energy for motion that arises from the difference between map and territory; what you have mapped in your head about the world and what you experience in the world.
  • All emotions are “right” to the map from which they arise and so valuable information about your mapping and your skills for coping with the world.

2) Meta-Stating Concepts: Conceptual De-Programming.

  • You make meaning at many levels. Y ou create associative meanings (Stimulus- Response meanings), representational, linguistic, contextual or frame, evaluative, metaphorical, intentional meanings, etc.
  • You can have a “poor relationship” to a concept so that your conceptual thinking undermines your personal mastery. Now you can work more efficiently with conceptual states and build up a new Matrix of Meaning.

3) Dancing with Dragons: Transforming the Energy of Unresourceful States

  • To the extent that you turn your psychic energies against yourself, you put yourself at odds with you; this creates dragon states as limiting and sabotaging states. The power of meta-stating not only creates your highest and most profound states, but misused can create layers of negative thoughts and feelings about your states.
  • Taming, transforming, and sometimes slaying dragons involves meta-stating your negative emotions and taboos with acceptance, appreciation, and understanding. This clears the path and creates room for new constructions and for transformation.

4) Meta-Stating Implementation for closing the knowing-doing gap.

  • Concepts and high level principles can be turned into “muscle memory” as you recognize when your fingers “know” a keyboard or function keys, or when your body knows how to drive. To take great ideas and to put them into neurology transforms and empowers you so you can effectively handle the challenges of everyday life.
  • The Mind-to-Muscle Pattern empowers us to close the Knowing-Doing gap so that you can turn your principles into neuro-semantic states so that you can actualize in everyday life the things that you know, believe in, intend, desire, etc.

5) Meta-Stating Possibility Thinking to give ourselves a chance to think out of the box.

  • Utilizing the Miracle Question, this meta-stating process spatially anchors possibility thinking to give you a chance to step aside from “the kind of thinking that created the problem” and to think outside of the box.
  • This kind of think is essential for genius states, creativity, entrepreneurship, etc.

© 1995/ 2010 APG Training Manual -5- L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Qualifying and Texture Your Genius States

1) Meta-Stating Intentionality: Taking an Intentional Stance.

  • The synthesis of the two dimensions of mind, attention and intention, creates will and focus and human consciousness.
  • By strengthening our highest intentional meanings, you can begin to live more purposefully as you access and use the higher levels of your mind to direct your everyday attentions.

2) Meta-Stating the “Flow” state: Accessing Personal Genius

  • Entering into a commitment state of focus, develop more ready access to it, strengthening it, and containing a focus state of “flow.”
  • Accessing the personal genius of impeccable state shifting, focus, self-trust, commitment, and ability to get lost in the moment.

3) Meta-Stating Execution of Goals by Blowing-Out all Excuses.

  • “Excuses,” masquerading as legitimate reasons and explanations, stop you from succeeding and seduce you to sell out your values and visions to stupid and silly excuses.
  • Distinguish true explanations from silly excuses and learn to use all of your stubbornness to make up your mind to refuse to tolerate excusing yourself from excellence!

4) Meta-Stating Wholeness and Congruence to resolve internal conflicts.

  • The “Spinning Icons” pattern offers a process for congruence to bring an end to internal conflicts that may undermine your focus and clarity. Using a non- propositional approach, Spinning Icons enables your larger mind to bring resources to conflicts you cannot figure out.
  • Meta-stating the higher levels of your mind from a non-linguistic point of view enables a transformative process to begin.

5) Meta-Stating Integrity.

  • Integrity is doing what we say and aligning all of the many facets of your mind- body-emotion system. This ends internal conflict that could otherwise undermine personal efficacy and power.
  • Clearing incongruence via alignment of everyday activities with your highest values, purposes, and beliefs. This is great if you want more mastery and congruence in the way you work, play, or move through the world.