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Actualising Excellence

Your Leadership Unleashed
Is quite simply about facilitating individuals, groups and organisations to recognise their highest and best potentials and then taking affirmative action to make their dreams a reality.

To be anything less than our highest and best is a tragedy.

The Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP)
I was honored to have the role of inaugural QASSP Service Officer during 2010-2015. Throughout my tenure it was my privilege and pleasure to provide a range of services for individual members and Branches. One of these services was to write a short ‘From the Service Officer’ contribution to The Queensland Principal. The complete suite of these articles is reproduced here. Feel free to use and distribute the articles singularly or as a complete set. Almost without exception the articles address the so-called “soft” skills of leadership.
Recognise your
Personality Type

Psychological Type and Temperament work together to build a picture of our learning profiles and can be grouped together in four temperaments:

1. Sensing and Judging
2. Sensing and Perceiving
3. Intuition and Feeling
4. Intuition and Thinking

Accessing Personal Power

Personal power is the ability to take effective action, do something, and make a difference.

When you have personal power, you have the capacity to access specific internal resources for utilising external resources and apply both to a specific challenge. And when you have personal power in this way, you have an inner sense and knowing that you can make things happen, that you are not a victim of life, that you are at choice and that you have tremendous powers for guiding and architecting your life.

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Accessing Personal Genius

The reality is we’ve all had moments when everything ‘came together’ and flowed smoothly.

Accessing Personal Genius is a training that teaches you not only how to step into the genius state at will, but how to step out of it, with full confidence that you can return at any time.

Master the powerful techniques of creating a ‘flow state’ with the 21st Century tools of Neuro-Semantic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

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It was Abraham Maslow who said, if you plan on being less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.

Programs and activities of YOUR LEADERSHIP UNLEASHED are rooted in the belief that leadership is an inside job. It comes from within. Do you ask yourself:

  • How do I lead and manage myself so that I can best lead others and my organisation?
  • How do I lead and manage others to lead and manage themselves in service of each other and the organisation?
  • How do I lead my organisation to be self actualising?

If these are your questions, then contact us to explore how YOUR LEADERSHIP UNLEASHED can help you become all that you are capable of being.